Takeaway you can believe in

Seeking salvation from the rain-lashed commute, the eternal late shift and the empty fridge, or just craving something truly tasty? Your search is over. Since 1997, our trinity of fresh ingredients, super talented chefs and determined drivers has delivered countless Londoners from their hunger.

“With delicious creations from around the world, made fresh to order and delivered in under an hour.”



Before Zoukexpress, London endured a dark age of takeaways - lost drivers and surly chefs, producing cold, greasy objects hardly recognizable as food. People were hungry and apathy reigned. And then, there was the idea: food that wasn't just stodge, but cooked fresh, delivered hot and in under an hour. Hallelujah!

So with one kitchen, two chefs and six bikers, our founders Pat, Rohan and their friend Tash began a takeaway revolution. Over the past 15 years, they've assembled a team of people who are faithful to their original idea. People who develop indices for sticky rice. People who dream of a perfectly-insulated bike box. People who will always cook fresh and deliver fast.



We believe food should always be fresh and delicious. So, we put our faith in the finest local suppliers. The family-owned Classic Fruit & Veg source our greengrocery from farms in Essex, Hertfordshire and Kent. Obviously, we have to import things like bananas, because even Kent isn't that sunny.

Aubrey Allen butchers, supplier to London's top restaurants and holder of a Royal Warrant to Her Majesty the Queen, provides our meat.

Not only is it first class, it's also raised and butchered in line with the Red Tractor scheme. Finally, the fishes of the sea come from Simpson Fisheries, who in turn buy direct from coastal suppliers on a daily basis.



To help you make an informed decision, we have created a downloadable version of our menu with extra-detailed ingredient information. Because we cook everything fresh to order, there's always a risk of cross contamination and we can't for example, say our food is completely nut free. If you have any questions, just give us a call. Download our allergy information here.

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